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Fast track Training in Travel & Tourism

Travel & Tourism is one of the largest & fastest growing industry which is only expanding rather than declining. One who has already commenced their career in Travel & Tourism Industry and wants to develop must go for this course. This course gives you an overview of the Travel & Tourism Industry and you can choose any one specialization of your interest and get expertise in it.

Subjects you will specialize in

Choice of one subject

  1. Travel Formalities
  2. Tour Packaging
  3. International Air Ticketing

Perks of this course:

  1. Gain up to date knowledge of the selected specialized subject
  2. Lectures are conducted by experienced faculties & expert guest lectures
  3. Polishing of Travel & Tourism knowledge which requires for Industry

Duration: 1 Month

Fees:Rs.17,500/- (Including GST 18%)

Registration Amount:Rs.5000/-

Eligibility for the Course:

  • Exclusively for small Scale Vendors
  • Travel & Tourism Business person etc..(Tourism Industry like- a car rental/ hire service provider, a hotel supplier etc.) 

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