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Why to build career in travel and tourism

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Everyone plans for his/her future, preparing for the future is an intimidating thing and is very true, especially when we talk about Career. The initial step of Career selection is Self Awareness.

With thousands of careers to choose from we generally listen to individuals considering a profession as Engineer, Doctors or as Managers, but what if you do not want to pursue your career in these fields? Presently, the situation has changed students are now chasing their passion and are interested in making their career in the same field, and that doesn't imply that they are taking a huge risk with their future.

Investing time in a career where there are limited opportunities when you are good to go to complete your span is a loss of money, time and efforts. Fortunately, we have an answer today, there are numerous industries (Hospitality, Aviation, Fashion designing, & Journalism and so on) where you can develop the career as per your preference, and one among this is Travel and Tourism industry, the most booming industry with endless career option.

Surprised, want to know more about what travel and tourism management course is & how a career in tourism would be a decent move for your career?

Let's understand the base What Travel & Tourism Is?

It is a hospitality industry which is a segment of the large enterprise known as travel and tourism. Which benefit from tourism, a vast group business with one common goal to provide necessary or desired product and services to travelers, such as airlines, cruise ships, car rentals and all hospitality services like accommodation, entertainment venues, hotels and resort, amusement parks, casinos, malls and theatres.

Around the world, travel and tourism has become the largest civilian industry. Statistics say, Out of every ten people worldwide one is a part of the travel and tourism industry.“According to the UN, global tourist numbers have jumped from 674 million people in 2000 to over 1.2 billion people in 2016. Global tourism revenue has also jumped, going from $633 billion ($495 billion USD) in 2000 to $1.6 trillion in 2016 ($1.22 trillion USD)”.

The travel and tourism industry produces different employment roles.

Being a very wide domain Travel & Tourism industry has gained a lot of importance after the recent developments and trends in the industry. It is one of the world’s largest foreign exchange earner among all industries. The scope of employment in the sector is very bright and with high potential career options. Travel and Tourism course exists in both private and public sectors worldwide. From entry-level travel agent to higher management for agencies or tour operations.

Here are Some Career Prospects :

  • Government Tourism Departments
  • Immigration & Customs Departments
  • Travel Agents
  • Transportation
  • Airlines
  • Hotel Industry
  • Tourism Department
  • Event Planner
  • Resorts & Hotels
  • Cruise Industry
  • Interpreter Services

Perks and Benefits

Talking about the salary, that is pretty good in the travel and tourism industry. Moreover, you get additional perks such as free/economical travel rate for you and your family. Plus peak seasons might bring additional incentives and commissions.

“The Tourism Industry Is Growing Explosively Around the World”

A career in tourism is a smart move for the future. There are multiple travel and tourism courses all across India that offer professional development opportunities, certification courses, degrees and diplomas which support individuals to take the next step toward excellence. There are some short-term diploma and certificate training courses that are offered by many travel institutes and agencies in specific verticals like air tickets, tour management etc. Based on individual area of interest, there are many tourism courses to fit the needs of everyone, some of the most common and popular courses are:

Students are eligible for these undergraduate courses right after completing high school or 12th standard. For higher education in the same domain, you can seek admission to approved postgraduate colleges for full-time programme MTA degree, MBA in Tourism Administration. Aspirants can also opt for vocational courses in travel and tourism industry. A career in this area can take you to next level where you can shape your interest into a career.  These travel courses act as a perfect stepping stone for your future, that looks definitely bright.

Representatives in this business need to be skillful, confident, well-groomed, should have the capability to deal with individuals extremely well and have great relational abilities. For some skills, recruiters and hiring managers seek out formal certifications and these certification lets you demonstrate your proficiency and skills which includes:

  • Business Skills
  • Industry Specific skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Planning and Execution

Hospitality and Tourism career opportunities await! Jump in the tourism industry and make a career of it.

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