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Pay Scale in Travel and Tourism

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The travel and tourism Industry is considered to be the buzzing industry of the 21st century, along with sub-categories contributing to it, is expected to gain a good market in coming years. A professional job in this industry will be super exciting and adventurous and even pays well. In India, the travel and tourism hope to create at least 10 million job opportunities by 2020. The government’s initiative in travel and tourism is quite remarkable and uncovering a bright future for those who want to make a career in tourism and travel.

India’s capability in the field of travel and tourism is very close to being accomplished. The country is a geographically perfect, having almost every geographical features available.

“According to a report published by the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), India could add another Rs. 8,50,000 crores by the year 2020 just through tourism!”

World travel and tourism council calculated that tourism generated around 6.3 per cent of the nations GDP and supported by 37 million jobs. Which is 8.7 per cent of its total employment.

Career options in travel and tourism:

Students have endless career opportunities in the fastest growing industry of travel, with multiple job roles.


  • Interpreters
  • Tour Planners Regional/State/Local
  • Information Assistants


  • Tour guide
  • Sales & PR
  • Travel managers
  • Travel Counsellors
  • Destination manager

There are specific departments in Government, under the Ministry of Tourism, these departments always welcome the youngsters to join them in the field of travel and tourism. Here are some Job Roles and Standard Pay Scale for the same.


Thumb interpreter salary government

Interpreters are the professionals of the information age while geography is becoming history and internet is cutting all sections of society. The job of an interpreter is increasingly being recognised as a career option by many. The emergence of newer centres of travel and tourism suggests that there is no lack of economic opportunities for those aspiring to take up interpretation as a full-time profession.

Tour Planners

Thumb tour planner government

Tour Planners are flourishing throughout India and having the best time in career industry, for now, People look to travel planners to help them get the best deals on travel packages and advise them on where to go. Strong communication, determination and customer-service skills and an orientation to detail are among the qualities necessary for a chunk of opportunities as a travel planner.

Information Assistants

Thumb inforamtion assistant government

Every year Department of Tourism invite applications for the post of Information Assistant Trainees in Tourism Information Centres. They provide traveller's accurate information about tourist attractions, flights and schedules and also provide clear directions so they can find their way around the country.

Private Sector

Travel and Tourism being a vast field, the scope of employment in the private sector is very bright and the potential is still mostly vacant. Several career opportunities exist in public as well as in the private sector.

Tour Guide

Thumb tour guide private

If you want to have a sip of this world, then tour guiding is your field. A tour guide is the one responsible for logistics, confirmations, planning a visit, they also present a study of history and culture. A tour guide gives specific narration including the importance and the history, often joining the tour group for just a couple of hours.

Sales & PR

Thumb sales pr private

If you have a flair for advertising and would enjoy putting your skills to use appealing others to exotic travel locations, a job in travel and tourism industry and the field of marketing and sales might be just the career for you.

Travel Managers

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Travel managers make group travel arrangements on behalf of different corporate companies with responsibilities that include arranging for ticket reservations and hotels and providing customer service. While becoming a travel manager can be a reliable option, it's only wise to look at the pros and cons of the job so you can make a sound career decision.

Travel Counselors

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A travel counsellor provides consultation to the clients on travel possibilities and tour packages, even get bookings and reservations if required, prepares tickets and receives payment. They are enthusiastic about travel and have excellent research and organisational skills. In addition to salaries, travel counsellors also may be received additional commissions and travel benefits. They are mostly required in retail travel agencies, wholesale tour companies and in corporate offices.

Destination Manager

Thumb destination manager private

Destination manager is the most prominent role in the tourism industry, while destination manager is responsible for all supplies and customers in the specific region, destination manager works with content editors to deliver high standard services to our customers.

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