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Future Trends in Hotel Industry

Thumb hotel industry trends

Indian tourism and hospitality industry has developed a lot since the recent trends and new technologies in the market.  The hotel sector is one of the key drivers in the overall economy of the country as well as the whole service industry. 

The hotel industry overview suggests that the restaurants are responsible for giving 10.49 million jobs while the hotel industry is responsible for almost 2.3 million jobs. This significant growth is one of the plus points in the increasing economy of the country and the simultaneous growth of hotel industry.

And while there are new technologies and upcoming trends every other day, in coming years there will be a major change over in the working of hotels. Let us look at some of the future trends in the hotel industry -

1) RoboButlers – Technology is now able to build up robots that can be taught about the certain languages and the actions to help out guests in their chores. It is not longer than few years and we will be seeing RoboButlers in hotels serving the food, cleaning the premises and getting you what you want in no time. 

2) Made-to-order hotels – With the emerging technology in design and architecture, the models of rooms are developed such that they can be changed to a totally different look in now time. Such hotel rooms will be among the future of hospitality as they will set the bars for hotel rooms very high. 

3) 3-D Printers – 3-D printers can be easily used for the purpose of creating items such as clothes, towels, toiletries and even computers in real time as needed. This will save a lot of time and increase the service availability for the guests. 

4) IoT (Internet of Things) – In the very near future of hotel sector, IoT will play a big role in changing the face of machines and things used in hotels. The TV’s, Refrigerators will be internet enabled and will be able to do tasks for you within seconds. This will be much helpful for the guests staying in the hotels.

5) Sustainability – The hotels now are turning to the Eco-friendly environment which is a good thing. But in the near future, the technology used in the hotels would be totally dependent on solar and geothermal energy. Also, promotion of non-toxic products will reduce the overall pollution in the premises. 

6) Transfers – The technologies like Hyper loop are continuously working to save the travel time for people. In the coming years, the airport's transfers to hotels will be done by the individual pods and other services. 

7) Gourmet Changeover – You can now keep a personal dietitian while you are in the hotels who can suggest you the diet based on your fitness. Also, there are fitness centers in every hotel. The new technology will help you choose your food wisely while taking care of your diet. 

And while these trends will shape the future of hotel industry, there are some challenges for industry leaders that are needed to overcome with the time in order to cope up with the changing trends of the industry. The major problem will be the financial support. The actual amount spent on the trends in the industry is very less. Also, the mindset of people should be adaptive to the change. The industrial leaders should be open to change and adopt the foreign systems that are being incredibly beneficial for the hotel industry. 

Also, government initiative is very important in the matter as with the power of government, these new trends can be easily incorporated among the industry. And the financial help from the government as well as initiatives for more Eco-friendly hotels while improving the road transport facilities can boom the industry in no time.  

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