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Future of Cruise Tourism In India

The cruise industry is one of the biggest working parts of the travel and tourism industry. While it is very much flourished in the outside parts of the country, India has large cruise tourism potential. Cruise tourism in India is not that developed as of now, but slowly the companies are planning for launching a number of services for the interested people to travel in cruises in India.

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India being a country full of vast and beautiful coastlines, evergreen forests and idyllic towns can be a perfect destination for cruise travelers. South East Asian countries are fully flourished with cruise market whereas India lacks behind in the required infrastructure and services that are needed. This is one of the biggest challenges of the cruise market in India. Also, there is not enough financial support for the purpose of cruise tourism.

Also, taking a look at the infrastructure in India, the ports are mostly used for the purpose of the freight transport and not for the tourism purposes. And while the cruise tourism requires the ports to be used for the purpose of tourism, it affects the future of cruises severely. 

The cruise tourism infrastructure must be very well planned out in order to hold the number of passengers on the port with the required services for them as well as the large spaces for ships to park for maintenance purposes. But, looking at the current scenario of the states like Goa and Cochin, they look very much favorable for the grand voyage tours in the near future. The cruise companies also have lately started developing an interest in India as it serves as the cross over destination for South East Asian destination. This has significantly increased the cruise tourism potential in India. Also, the big cruise companies have started taking interest in Indian states like Goa and Cochin.

The world famous, Norwegian Cruise Lines recently agreed to send a ship to India for the first time which was departing from Dubai and crossing over Goa, Mangalore and Cochin before reaching Sri Lanka. This was a big step in the future of cruise tourism in India as it opened opportunities for development.  The recent developments have paved a way for many cruises companies to think of launching the cruises in India starting from Mumbai, Goa and many more places. Newly formed promoters Monarch Cruise plans to offer a cricket and Bollywood themed cruise with its voyage legs at Kochi and Mumbai. This marks as one of the big steps in the cruise market of India. 

Also, the Carnival subsidiary Costa Cruises has recently announced plans for a series of sailings out of Mumbai on the costa neoclassica starting from this winter. This cruise basically plans to carry passengers to the Maldives via Mangalore and Kochi and return journey via Goa.

Thus, looking at the overall scenario of the Indian ports and the recent developments that are taking places, cruise tourism in India is sure to boost its way in the global market by next 5-10 years.    

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