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Diploma in Travel and Tourism - Travind

“Dreaming is just ordinary but what’s extraordinary is to live it”.

Everyone has its own crazy dreams, most of them seem impossible in real life such as going to space, win a lottery, become a billionaire overnight or travelling the globe without spending a penny.

What if your dream to travel the world and getting paid for it -- without burning all the savings. Isn’t it great!

Well, if you have a similar dream to go on a never-ending vacation then, You can opt for a Diploma in Travel and Tourism as a career after 12th or anytime after completing graduation.

Diploma in Travel & Tourism courses in Pune after 12th

Topics Covered:

  • What is a diploma in travel and tourism?
  • Benefits of Studying Diploma in Travel & Tourism
  • Jobs in Travel and Tourism Industry 
  • Eligibility Criteria- Am I Right For this Sector?

What is Diploma in Travel and Tourism?

A Diploma in Travel & Tourism is the best fit for those candidates who are interested in hospitality and travel. A diploma will prepare students for the fundamental aspects of how travel and tourism industry work and about professional lifestyle.

There are many programs and certification courses available, most programs combine classroom training with internships in the industry to provides vocational education for students seeking a career in the travel and tourism industry.

The advantage of Studying Diploma in Travel and Tourism

By participating in tourism courses, you will develop strong management and communication skills that will widen your career prospects. Additionally, one can avail the all the perks of being in travel and tourism industry such as travelling to new places and getting to know more about the industry,

As a tourism and travel diploma holder, you will gain knowledge about structures, products, and processes in the tourism industry. This includes learning about airlines, tour operators, hotels and tourist offices.

Through a combination of academic and professional studies, you will get to know the relationship between tourist service providers and consumers. You will also receive information on social responsibility and sustainability in tourism. Tourism courses will also equip you with a broad range of transferable skills such as teamwork, leadership, problem-solving, presentation skills, IT skills, research skills, and communication skills with a strong focus on the client.


Jobs in Travel and Tourism

After completing a Travel and Tourism Diploma Course at Travind Institute in Pune, many career opportunities open up for students. Jobs that can be directly available to students include:

  • Tour manager
  • Holiday representative
  • Tourism officer
  • Travel agency manager
  • Tourist information center manager

Apart from these, there are many other professions that students can undertake after completing your tourism education.

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Eligibility Criteria - Am I Right For this Sector?

The Diploma in Tourism and Travel Management is an entry-level course in travel management, focusing on the decimation of skills and knowledge related to the application of travel management-related techniques and principles in the tourism and travel industry. The course is offered to students who have passed their 10 + 2 or equivalent training from a recognised board institute.

  • 10+ 2 Candidates from any stream and any medium.
  • Graduate in any field
  • Post-Graduate in any field
  • Fresher or Experienced (in the same sector)of this sector

Diploma in Tourism & Travel Management Pass-outs have many options to choose from regarding their careers. You can want to work as a tour operator, travel consultant, tour manager, travel analyst, travel planner, program analyst, etc. To give you a holistic view of the career opportunities, we have identified specific areas and the associated roles that graduate pass-out students can professionally look up to.

Job Responsibilities of Travel Professional

Some general duties who work in travel and tourism may include:

  • Collecting and booking holiday Packages.
  • Booking Accommodation
  • Organizing excursions and activities
  • Helping safeguard traveller health, wellbeing and safety
  • Quality control
  • Using a booking system to secure holidays.
  • Air Ticketing
  • Sales and marketing of tourism products
  • Providing comprehensive customer care and support

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Take Your First Step Towards Successful Career 

It’s true that you can start your career in travel and tourism after 12th with certification and diploma courses in travel and tourism industry - without any degree. Those who study these subject make the most impressive and rapid progress. Whether looking to secure your first position in the industry or in pursuit of promotion, a recognised qualification could help ensure you stand out from the crowd and make yourself noticed.

Travind Institute of Travel and Tourism Management in Pune is proud to offer a range of quality certification courses in travel and tourism industry.

Sandwich Diploma in Travel and Tourism 

The course is entirely designed to make student job ready just in 9 months with complete theory, practical and paid internship module. Which could help your long-term career dreams take flight.


Best Professional Courses:

Sandwich Diploma in Travel and Tourism

Travel and Tourism Diploma Course is packed with essential industry insights- ideal for those looking to start their career in the tourism industry. As the course has the combination of three critical departments of the tourism industry.

  1. Travel formalities
  2. Tour Packaging
  3. International Air Ticketing

Capsule Course in Travel & Tourism

A Course for the intermediates Travel and Tourism Certificate, ideally suited to the people who are already working in the Travel and Tourism Industry. One who wants to expand their travel agency can go for this course - to be an Entrepreneurs.

Fastrack Course in Travel and Tourism

One who has already commenced their career in Travel & Tourism Industry and wants to enhance their skills and knowledge can go for this course.


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